In a moment, the interview with your physician will take place online.

Please review and confirm the following information carefully;

  • Online consultation is not a substitute for face-to-face health care.
  • Remote health care and applied treatments differ, remote health care should not interfere with your ongoing treatment.
  • In medical emergencies, the nearest emergency room should be consulted instead of remote health care.
  • The online consultation/examination service includes online consultation, e-prescription, e-report and online follow-up consultation within 10 days.
  • Audio or video recording of remote health service provision is prohibited.
  • Camera and/or microphone access must be authorized for the online interview to take place. If audio and/or video access is not allowed, online calls will not be possible.
  • The online interview can be terminated unilaterally by the physician/dietician/clinical psychologist at any time by informing the other party for medical, legal or ethical reasons.