Medical Second Opinion Project Next of Kin Contract

  1. I hereby declare and undertake that all personal and medical information provided in this form is accurate, up-to-date and valid.
  2. I understand and agree that this information will be used to obtain a medical second opinion within the scope of the Hacettepe Medical Second Opinion project.
  3. I authorize the sharing of this information with appropriate medical personnel, researchers and other interested parties, as necessary.
  4. I understand and agree that Hacettepe Medical Second Opinion and its officials will only use this information for the purpose of providing and improving the medical second opinion service.
  5. I understand that I have the right to stop [Projenin Adı] from using my information at any time. In this case, [Projenin Adı] undertakes to delete my information from its systems.
  6. I understand that Hacettepe Medical Second Opinion will take all necessary privacy and security measures to protect and use my information.
In accordance with this contract, I accept and undertake to comply with the conditions stated above.