24/7 Remote Health Service

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Online Specialist Doctor
24/7 Remote Health Service
The Right Decisions Based on Data

Online Specialist Doctor

With the support of smart devices and our Remote Monitoring Center, your health is now under constant expert monitoring. Health care is closer to you than ever before, thanks to our specialists who you can quickly consult with your questions about your health.

24/7 Remote Health Service

As you live your daily life, your data is monitored 24/7 by our Remote Monitoring Center. Live with the confidence of knowing that our health experts are always with you, monitoring your data from your devices in real time.

The Right Decisions Based on Data

How do you make decisions on important issues? Data guides decision-making. We are at your side with your daily health data and guidance from our Remote Monitoring Center to help you make the right decisions about your health.

Service Packages

Explore care and support for chronic conditions and wellness with smart devices, expert doctors and personalized treatment plans

Diabetes Monitoring Package
Diabetes Monitoring Package

Get support from smart devices and our Remote Monitoring Center to monitor your blood glucose levels and develop healthy living habits.

Weight Tracking Package
Weight Tracking Package

In the light of your health data, create your most appropriate and effective nutrition and exercise plan with the help of our Remote Monitoring Center and your dietitian.

Blood Pressure Monitoring Package
Blood Pressure Monitoring Package

Monitor your data daily with our Remote Monitoring Center to keep your blood pressure under control and discover the path to a healthy life.

Healthy Life Tracking
Healthy Life Tracking

Discover the impact of your sleep quality, activity and eating habits on your body values and take the right steps for your health.

24/7 Remote Health Services

Meet remote health services with the vision of protecting health and preventing diseases, and discover 24/7 health monitoring via smart devices. Within the scope of remote health services, your health data is monitored instantly by an online specialist doctor and Remote Monitoring Center, a customized health plan is created for you and regular follow-up is ensured. All your questions about your health are answered with instant feedback from Remote Monitoring Center experts around the clock. A new world in health is waiting for you with healthy life tracking, chronic disease tracking, online examination, medical second opinion, symptom analysis, 24/7 healthy chat services.

Advantages of Remote Health Services


Offering a preventive and protective approach, 24/7 remote health services keep chronic diseases under constant surveillance, thus enabling early detection and intervention. Personalized treatment plans are applied with personalized service packages. The care and health process of elderly individuals is monitored with uninterrupted follow-up. Health services become independent of time and space, reducing costs. Health management with smart devices and technology facilitates physicians’ patient follow-up process.

Technology and Health: The Role of Smart Devices


Using the power of technology and smart devices, we respond to healthcare needs with digital applications. We offer 24/7 access privileges within the scope of our remote healthcare services that bring the community and healthcare professionals together. We are with you around the clock, with expert doctors and nurses monitoring the health data that reach the Remote Monitoring Center from smart devices. We shed light on all the questions you ask about your health with personalized advice and guidance.

Remote Monitoring Center: We Monitor Your Health Continuously


Our online specialist doctors and nurses, who guide the 24/7 health monitoring process, can monitor your blood sugar, blood pressure, etc., which reaches the Remote Monitoring Center from your smart devices. and monitors health data such as In case of unexpected changes in values, the patient/patient relatives are contacted via online call and informed. In chronic diseases, regular follow-up is offered with personalized care plans. Reminders support the health plan regarding measurements and medication use.

Data-Driven Health Decisions: An Informed Healthy Life


Data are the most accurate guides in controlling and monitoring your health. By generating your daily health data and monitoring it by the Remote Monitoring Center, we help you make the best decisions regarding your health process. We define a data-driven approach by providing health reports that establish a relationship between life habits and health data.

What are the Services Provided under Remote Health Services?


With our personalized service packages, we shape your treatment plan with customized applications and guidance. In cases of chronic diseases, we offer health support that improves your quality of life with smart devices, specialist doctors and our Remote Monitoring Center.

Diabetes Monitoring Package

We monitor your smart device measurement data 24/7 through our Remote Monitoring Center to keep track of your diabetes-related blood glucose and weight values. In line with your personal data, we support you to determine the ideal healthy living habits for you. With the Diabetes Monitoring Package, we share instant feedback on blood sugar and weight changes with you and forward it to your specialist online doctor. We offer you advice and guidance based on the assessment of your specialist online doctor.

Weight Tracking Package

We help you reach and maintain your ideal weight for a healthy life and manage the process with professional support. In line with your smart device measurement data, we monitor your weight and body mass index changes in real time with our dieticians and Remote Monitoring Center. We regularly share our expert opinion on the right personalized nutrition plan, ideal exercise habits and lifestyle as part of the Weight Watchers Package.

Blood Pressure Monitoring Package

We are at your side with smart devices and our Remote Monitoring Center to regularly monitor and record your blood pressure values. We provide regular monitoring of changes in your blood pressure data with instant feedback. With the Blood Pressure Monitoring Package, we support you with daily reminders to take your measurements and administer your medication on time. Thanks to the daily measurements we monitor, we prevent risks that may occur in the course of the disease.

Healthy Life Tracker Package

For a healthy life routine, we care that you adopt customized activity and nutrition habits based on your personal values. With the Healthy Life Tracking Package, we ensure that your exercise, sleep and pulse data are regularly monitored by our Remote Monitoring Center and the most accurate guidance is delivered to you.

How We Work How Remote Healthcare Works


There are 7 practical steps waiting for you to benefit from our remote health services! Discover it now:

  • The application is downloaded from Google Play Store or Apple Store and registered to the system.
  • Smart device pairing is provided with the app.
  • Data is entered into the application manually or via smart devices.
  • Health data is continuously monitored 24/7 by the Remote Monitoring Center.
  • In case of unexpected value changes, the individual and the online specialist are contacted.
  • The specialist doctor’s assessments of the data are shared with the individual.
  • With regular data monitoring, the most effective care plan is created for the individual.

How to Connect with our Remote Health Services?

With 24/7 chat, you can easily reach our online specialist doctors and Remote Monitoring Center experts and manage your health process online and practically. Within the scope of Remote Health Services, after registering as a patient through the application, you can set your appointment and perform an online examination.


How Do We Monitor and Evaluate Your Health Data?

Your health data, which you will regularly enter into our application, is monitored 24/7 by our Remote Monitoring Center. If an out-of-range value is detected, you will be contacted and your online specialist will be informed about your current data. A video call is made with your doctor’s instructions regarding the change in values. Your health is regularly monitored by a team of experts and managed with professionalism.


How Can You Make the Most of Our Health Services?

  • You can get help quickly with instant appointment without waiting in line.
  • Health services such as medical advice, diagnosis and prescriptions can be provided online.
  • You can get 24/7 uninterrupted health counseling.
  • You can keep your chronic disease under control.
  • With reminders, you can manage your health without interrupting your medication and treatment.
  • You can monitor your health status with personalized graphs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is telehealth services?

Your health data that you share by integrating your smart devices into the One Dose Health system is monitored 24/7 by the Remote Monitoring Center. You can have online discussions about your data, consult your doctor, and benefit from online examinations and specialized care.

Are telehealth services safe?

Yes, it’s safe. The health process is kept on record with regular data entry. Health service is made continuous by monitoring value changes with instant data tracking.

Who can use remote health services?

  • People who do not want to go to health institutions due to time and space constraints,
  • Older people who are unable to make hospital visits,
  • Patients who have difficulty leaving the house due to health problems,
  • Chronic patients who need regular health monitoring,
  • People who cannot spare time for hospital appointments due to their busy work life.

What types of health services are offered in remote health services?

  • Management of chronic diseases such as diabetes and blood pressure that need continuous monitoring,
  • Online result evaluation of laboratory tests and imaging,
  • Renewal of drug prescriptions,
  • Medical counseling,
  • Nutrition monitoring,
  • Psychological counseling,
  • Monitoring the postoperative period.

How does it work?

Smart Device Pairing
Smart Device Pairing
If smart devices are available, they are paired with the app.
Data Entry
Data Entry
Data is entered into the application manually or from smart devices.
24/7 Remote Data Monitoring
24/7 Remote Data Monitoring
Our Remote Monitoring Center monitors health data.
Communication at Out of Range Value
Communication at Out of Range Value
In case of unexpected values, the individual and his/her doctor are contacted.
The individual is informed in line with the doctor’s guidance.
Personalized Care
Personalized Care
Through data monitoring, the most effective personal care plan is created for the individual

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