Medical Second Opinion

Medical Second Opinion for the best decision about your health

When you want to be sure about the diagnosis of a life-limiting illness, we are at your side with our online medical second opinion service. Thanks to the One Dose Medical Second Opinion medical consultation platform, expert doctors are on hand to give second opinions.
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Seyahat Gereksinimi Olmadan
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Make Sure of Your Diagnosis

You can share your examinations and reports online with leading experts in the field and ask any questions you may have without changing cities or having appointment problems. Take firm steps towards your health with the online Statement of Medical Scientific Opinion.

When to seek a second opinion?

If you have questions about your current treatment or diagnosis
If you need confirmation of your diagnosis and the extent of the disease
If you want information about relevant clinical trials
If you want to fully understand your test results and their significance
If you would like to receive recommendations for additional treatment alternatives or diagnostic procedures
If you are delaying your treatment

How does it work?

Registration opens through the system
Health expert selected
Audits and reports are uploaded
Preliminary review and confirmation interview
Referral to a health professional
Medical Second Opinion Report is prepared