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Hypertension leads to fluctuations in blood pressure. Measuring and being aware of these fluctuations is crucial for managing the course of the disease. Measurements made only during the examination may not be sufficient for monitoring hypertension.

You can now record your home measurements on our mobile application and have your health monitored more consistently by our Remote Monitoring Center. This gives your doctor the opportunity to refer you in time. With the Blood Pressure Monitoring Package, you can receive personalized tips and guidance to help you manage your blood pressure. Discover healthy living with us.

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Blood Pressure Monitoring


What are the necessary devices?
Remote health service blood pressure monitor within the scope of Blood Pressure Monitoring Package is presented by tracking the data obtained with Data is automatically transmitted from blood pressure monitors with bluetooth integration can be uploaded or the device measurement results can be entered manually. Click here for integrated devices .
How to ensure regularity of measurement?
Regular blood pressure measurements and data entry are essential for effective service delivery. For this, the One Dose Health app reminds you about your measurement times.
Is it possible to buy other packages?
You can buy only one package or you can have multiple packages. You need to purchase and register for each package separately.
What happens after the purchase?
You can quickly access the service by registering as a member immediately after the purchase. To register as a member, simply download the One Dose Health app and fill in the required information.

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Taking your blood pressure under control is much easier with the Blood Pressure Monitoring Package
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Blood Pressure Monitoring