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We are with you to reach your ideal weight Weight Watchers

Weight management is important for all of us. Being outside your ideal weight affects your mental, emotional and physical health. Being overweight or underweight can put you at greater risk for certain conditions. Being overweight increases the risk of heart disease, Type 2 Diabetes, stroke and certain cancers. Being underweight can weaken your immune system.

Controlling your weight is now much easier with smart scales and our Remote Monitoring Center. Monitoring changes in weight and Body Mass Index (BMI) data with the Remote Monitoring Center and dietitian supports you to increase your knowledge and insight about weight. Get the right eating and exercise habits and achieve lasting results with our Weight Watchers Package.

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Thanks to our Weight Watchers Package:

Track how your weight changes over time
Be alerted to sudden weight loss or gain
Watch for warning signs of potential health problems related to weight gain or loss
Monitor the impact of your diet on your weight
Identify nutritional deficiencies
Monitor the effectiveness of your exercise plan
Get a data-driven nutrition and exercise plan that works best for you

Weight Tracking - Body Parameters

Body parameters monitored in real time by our Remote Monitoring Center within the scope of the Weight Monitoring Package

Body Fat Percentage
Muscle Mass
Protein Ratio
Visceral Oil
Basal Metabolism
Bone Mass
Physical Age
Ideal Weight
Body Type
Health Score

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