One Dose Health is there for your employees to access healthcare services easily and smoothly in their busy and fast working tempo

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Corporate Health

Your employees on the journey to a healthy life be there for them

Competitive Advantage

Make a difference with modern solutions to manage the rising costs of health insurance and attract talented employees. One Dose Health’s approach to preventive and preventive healthcare can reduce costs and offer unique and innovative benefits to your employees.

Healthy Employees

From annual check-ups to complex chronic disease care, we support you to improve the health of your employees with a holistic health experience. We enable you to support your employees in managing the most important quality of life factors, including diabetes, blood pressure and weight management.

Low Cost

With our portfolio of accredited and certified preventive and care services, we prevent diseases and offer personalized care. We benefit both your employees and your company in reducing health expenditures in the medium and long term.

Reasons to Become a Strategic Partner

Contribute to the quality life expectancy of your employees with preventive health services
Increase employee health awareness
Reduce healthcare spending with reduced need for treatment
Provide equal access to healthcare for your employees in different locations
Ensure low absenteeism and high productivity
Offer unique benefits that make your company an attractive place to work
Give your employees fast access to healthcare from home, work or anywhere
Provide a tool that can easily manage all healthcare services and data from a single point


Discover the potential of Remote Healthcare to increase the flexibility and diversity of your Health and Benefits strategy. Contact us to jointly develop the most appropriate model to serve you and your employees’ needs based on your priorities and objectives.

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