Diabetes Monitoring Package - Diabetes Monitoring Device

Making life with diabetes easier

A one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to diabetes means underestimating the challenges patients face. Daily living habits, nutrition and medication affect each individual diabetic differently. A personalized solution based on individual data is the right approach to chronic disease management.

Remote health services are effective in diabetes management. You now have the Diabetes Monitoring Pack with you to determine the right daily habits that work best for you. With our Remote Monitoring Center, we monitor your blood glucose data 24/7 and share real-time insights and feedback on your measurements.

Diyabet Takip Cihazı
Diyabet Takip
Diyabet Takip Cihazı



What are the necessary devices?
Within the scope of the Diabetes Monitoring Package, remote healthcare services are provided by monitoring blood glucose measurements made with a glucometer. Data can be automatically uploaded from bluetooth integrated devices or device measurement results can be entered manually. Click here for integrated devices .
How to ensure regularity of measurement?
Regular blood glucose measurements and data entry are essential for effective service delivery. For this, the One Dose Health app reminds you about your measurement times.
Is it possible to buy other packages?
You can buy only one package or you can have multiple packages. You need to purchase and register for each package separately.
What happens after the purchase?
You can quickly access the service by registering as a member immediately after the purchase. To register as a member, simply download the One Dose Health app and fill in the required information.

You can download our app here