This Clarification text has been prepared within the scope of the Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698 (“KVKK”) and the Law No. 6563 on the Regulation of Electronic Commerce (“Law”) within the scope of One Dose Sağlık Teknolojileri Anonim Şirketi (“OneDose”) within the scope of the realization of direct or indirect marketing activities.

Pursuant to the Law and the relevant legislation, commercial electronic message refers to messages containing data, audio and video content that are carried out electronically using means such as telephone, call centers, fax, automatic dialing machines, smart voice recorder systems, electronic mail, short message service and sent for commercial purposes.

Method of Data Collection

Within the scope of the activities carried out by OneDose, your personal data is collected electronically by automatic or non-automatic means through the following channels in accordance with Article 5 of the KVKK;

  • Electronic Communication Channels
  • Newsletter subscription

Your Personal Data Being Processed

Purposes of Processing Personal Data Personal Data Category Legal Grounds for Processing Personal Data
Realization of User Registrations via Website/Application – Identity
– Contact
– Process Security
Establishment, Exercise or Protection of a Right
Advertisement/Campaign/Promotion etc. Sending Commercial Electronic Messages via Communication Channels (E-Mail, SMS, Telephone, etc.) that you have authorized within the framework of Marketing Activities – Identity
– Contact
– Marketing
Obtaining Explicit Consent
Realization and Management of Customized Marketing Activities by Examining Your Shopping Habits and Tendencies in the Scope of Marketing Processes, Execution of Other Marketing and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Activities and Creating Special Campaigns, Advertisements, etc. for You by Profiling. Creating Customized Campaigns, Advertisements, etc. – Identity
– Contact
– Marketing
Obtaining Explicit Consent
Execution of Sales/After Sales Services – Identity
– Contact
– Marketing
Obtaining Explicit Consent

Sharing Your Personal Data with Third Parties and Transfer of Your Personal Data Abroad

Your Personal Data may be transferred to third parties (server, hosting, program, cloud computing, website content managers, e-mail providers, etc.), business partners, suppliers, service providers, authorized public institutions and organizations, authorized public institutions and organizations and other related parties and authorized institutions and organizations where transfer is required for the specified purposes within the framework of Articles 8 and 9 of the KVKK, within the scope of the purposes mentioned in this Clarification Text and limited to these purposes, especially to benefit from the activities carried out by OneDose, and to third parties (server, hosting, program, cloud computing, website content managers, e-mail providers, etc.) that we receive support in areas such as storage, archiving, information technologies located at home and abroad.

Your Rights and Contact

In accordance with the Law and the relevant legislation, in line with your information provided through the website/application within the scope of the services we provide, if you give your consent, you may be contacted by using any means of communication (such as SMS, e-mail, telephone, fax, call center, etc.) in order to provide you with all kinds of information, promotion, advertising, product offers, promotions, campaigns, satisfaction evaluation studies and announcements.

Even if you consent to the sending of commercial electronic messages, you can refuse to receive commercial electronic messages at any time, without stating any reason. Whichever communication channel the commercial electronic message was sent via, you can give the rejection notification via the same communication channel in an easy and free way. You can also exercise your right to refuse via the Message Management System.

Within the framework of KVKK, we would like to remind you that you have the following rights:

  1. To learn whether your personal data is being processed or not and to request information regarding this;
  2. To learn the purpose of processing personal data and whether they are used for their intended purpose;
  3. To know the third parties to whom your personal data is transferred domestically or abroad;
  4. To request correction of your personal data in case of incomplete or incorrect processing, to request the deletion or destruction of your personal data within the framework of the conditions stipulated in the KVKK legislation and to request notification of the transactions made in these cases to third parties to whom your personal data has been transferred;
  5. To object to the occurrence of a result against you by analyzing the processed data exclusively through automated systems;
  6. In case you suffer damage due to unlawful processing of personal data, to demand the compensation of this damage.

Article 11 of the LPPD regulating the rights of the data subject. “Communiqué on the Procedures and Principles of Application to the Data Controller” by preparing your requests/questions within the scope of the article in a way to meet the conditions determined by the Personal Data Protection Authority Konutkent Mah. 3028th Street. No: 8D Interior Door No: 27 Çankaya/ANKARA in writing to info@onedose.io or (at the e-mail address you have previously notified to us and which is on file with us) in writing to info@onedose.io.

In order for your application to be responded to properly, your request must be specific, clear and understandable, the subject matter of your request must be related to you personally or if you are acting on behalf of someone else, you must be specifically authorized in this matter and your authorization must be documented, and in accordance with the legislation, your application must include your name, surname, Turkish ID number (nationality and passport number for foreigners), the address where we can send our response and documents certifying your identity.


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