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Dijital Takip ile Diyabet Hastalığı – Diyabet Ölçüm Cihazı – Diyabet Yönetimi

Diabetes Diabetes is one of the most common chronic diseases affecting people all over the world today. Today, advances in digital health technology help people with chronic diseases such as obesity and diabetes to manage and monitor their conditions with ease. In the treatment of health problems such as diabetes, daily life habits should also be followed regularly. Thanks to remote health management services, patients today can instantly share their blood glucose measurements with healthcare professionals, and doctors can easily prepare a nutrition and exercise program in accordance with patients’ blood glucose measurements without the need for face-to-face meetings. Patients can also talk to their doctors online within their comfort zone. So what does digital monitoring for diabetes mean? How does it work? You can find what you wonder about digital tracking in the rest of our article.

Sağlığınızı Dijital Takip ile Adım Adım İzleme Şansı

Diabetes is one of the chronic health problems that affects the body’s use of energy from food and disrupts energy metabolism in the body. In diabetic patients, the hormone insulin is not secreted in sufficient amounts or the secreted insulin is not used as it should be. This causes the blood to contain more sugar than it should. Diabetes negatively affects all body functions. Continuous monitoring is therefore very important. These people should pay attention to their diet, exercise regularly, monitor their blood glucose levels regularly with the help of special measuring devices and regularly share their measurements with their doctors. However, the increasing number of diabetic patients worldwide makes it difficult to monitor every patient regularly. In addition, in the busy pace of daily life, patients may also have difficulty in regularly visiting health institutions. Today, it is possible to monitor patients remotely with the help of digital technology, i.e. mobile technology.


Dijital Sağlık ve Dijital Takip Sistemi – Diyabet Ölçüm Cihazı – Diyabet Yönetimi

The World Health Organization defines digital health as a medical and public health practice supported by mobile devices such as mobile phones and patient monitoring (1). Research shows that vital data recording and monitoring play an important role in disease control in patients with diabetes. With 24/7 healthcare professional monitoring, patients and doctors can stay in constant contact. In addition, with the help of digital health systems, diabetic patients can easily record their blood glucose measurement results in the system. These recorded results are crucial for disease management. The mobile system graphs the recorded results. Colorful graphical representations allow both doctors and patients to easily compare with previous results.

The digital monitoring system allows patients to record not only glucose measurements but also other vital data. At the same time, people’s daily diets, exercise programs and sleep hours can be easily monitored through mobile systems. By monitoring and tracking people’s daily habits, healthcare professionals can adjust patients’ dietary plans and adjust insulin dosage. Diabetes patients should definitely measure fasting and postprandial blood sugar levels during the day. However, sometimes patients forget to take measurements. Mobile systems compatible with smartphones also include a reminder feature. This feature allows patients to take timely glucose measurements, drink water and take their medication on time. And thanks to easy measurement analysis, both patients and doctors can easily make comparisons with previous health data. In addition, thanks to the digital tracking system, patients can easily make an appointment with the health institution of their choice at any time.

Sağlığınızı One Dose Health ile Takip Edin – Diyabet Ölçüm Cihazı – Diyabet Yönetimi

You can use the One Dose Health digital monitoring system to monitor and track diabetes, obesity and blood pressure, and make online consultations with specialist doctors, psychologists and dieticians in Turkey. With health tracking, you can benefit from monitoring and control based on real measurement data for chronic diseases, supply of wearables and other health data measurement devices, physician support and 24/7 doctor-patient communication.


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