How to Prepare a Patient for Online Follow-up?

How to Prepare a Patient for Online Follow-up?

It is a system that enables remote communication between the patient and the healthcare professional in diseases that can be monitored and diagnosed online. For online follow-up in telemedicine appointments, the patient and health worker communicate using electronic devices such as smartphones, computers and tablets. This communication can take place in a video form, but also includes the written transmission of disease data. The most preferred method for online tracking is to make a video call. Before online follow-up, patients can get maximum efficiency from telemedicine service by making various preparations.

To have knowledge about online tracking

For first-time online follow-up appointments, this process may seem difficult to understand at first. First of all, it is necessary to make an appointment with a health professional in the desired area. After the appointment is confirmed, appropriate preparations should be made for the appointment day and time. The interview environment should be quiet and comfortable. It is important that other people do not enter the room during the interview. Online monitoring can benefit the individual in the following areas:
  • Minor injuries that do not require urgent intervention
  • Primary health care services
  • Diagnosed diseases such as heart disease and diabetes that require constant care and control
  • Managing medicines used
  • Mental health
  • Nutrition and diet counseling
Device check before video call Before the online follow-up appointment, various preparations must be made to ensure that the meeting is not interrupted by technical problems. It is important that the health professional can see and hear the patient clearly. The points to be considered on the device on which the interview will take place are as follows:
  • Set up a bright environment
  • The camera is clear and the image is stable
  • No distracting background images and, most importantly, no sound
  • The device charge is at a level that will not turn off
  • Ensure that the internet is connected and that the video and audio are transmitted to the other party

Preparing for the topics to be discussed

Existing tests must be sent to the doctor before the consultation with the health professional. At the same time, the patient should write down the problems they want to discuss and consult and discuss each problem with the specialist during the interview. In addition, the patient should have a pen and paper with him/her during the interview to take notes on what the doctor says and what should not be forgotten. The information to be noted before the online interview is as follows:
  • Symptoms experienced
  • Past illnesses and surgeries
  • Existing diseases
  • Allergies
  • Chronic diseases in family members
  • Health complaints
  • Suspicious situations
  • If there is an elevated body temperature
  • Current weight
  • Current medicines or medicines that have been used but need to be prescribed because they have run out

Attending an online follow-up appointment on behalf of a relative

In the case of children with health problems and diseases for which there is someone responsible for them, interviews can be conducted by the person responsible for the patient. In such cases, if possible, the patient can also participate in the interview. Before the interview, the patient’s relatives should take note of all health information about the patient, prepare all the questions to be asked and prepare the patient for the health problems that need to be shown. When all the issues related to the patient are clarified during the interview, the patient’s relatives should fulfill what needs to be done without interruption and schedule other appointments. If the patient has other relatives who need to be informed, the interviewer can plan the process by informing these relatives as well.

What to do during and after the appointment

It is not enough just to prepare for an appointment to get the necessary efficiency from online tracking. There are also things to do during and after the appointment. First of all, it is important to make sure that the health professional is consulted about everything that was noted during the preparation. Afterwards, the doctor’s recommendations should be noted and the prescribed medication should be obtained. At the same time, questions that arise during the appointment should be asked to the health professional and these question marks should be resolved. If a new follow-up appointment is to be scheduled, a new appointment is created after the interview. If there are questions that should have been asked during the interview but were forgotten, these questions should be asked by contacting the health professional.  
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