What can be suggested for those psychologically affected by the earthquake?

Psychological Impact of Earthquake

What can be suggested for those psychologically affected by the earthquake?

  Earthquakes are natural disasters that can have devastating effects in the regions where they occur. In the aftermath of earthquakes, people can lose their lives, property and loved ones. This is why earthquakes can cause not only physical destruction but also psychological destruction. Although these effects are more intense in people living in earthquake-affected areas, various psychological effects such as sleep problems and malnutrition may also occur in people who have relatives in the earthquake zone or who witness the destruction caused by the earthquake through any means. When measures are not taken at an early stage, these psychological effects can lead to mental health can cause permanent problems. So what should earthquake survivors do to protect their mental health? Some of the suggestions that can help those psychologically affected by the earthquake are given below.

How to Combat the Psychological Impact of an Earthquake?

Sudden, unexpected events such as earthquakes can have a negative impact on mental health. Disasters such as earthquakes have both individual and societal impacts. Chief among these are psychological problems such as post-traumatic stress disorder. These effects are more common in people who have experienced trauma or have psychological disorders such as panic attacks and anxiety. How to combat the psychological effects of an earthquake? People have different ways of coping with traumatic events such as earthquakes. People who are psychologically affected by the earthquake should first seek help from a specialist. However, some suggestions to help combat the effects of earthquake on mental health can be listed below:
  • Staying away from television or social media: Constantly watching or reading earthquake-related news can trigger stress. For this reason, those who are psychologically affected by the earthquake are advised to stay away from earthquake-related news for a while.
  • Socializing Talking has a positive effect on human psychology. Talking about events that cause sadness, anxiety and stress can help people realize that they are not alone and that others are experiencing the same feelings. However, people who experienced the earthquake themselves may not want to talk to their relatives because they do not want to remember the moment. It is important that these people are not forced to speak. Those who directly experienced the earthquake are advised to seek help from experts in the field of mental health.
  • Socializing The vast majority of people psychologically affected by an earthquake may tend to withdraw from their social environment and become isolated. During this time, they may need to constantly receive news about the earthquake. One of the most effective ways to combat the psychological effects of the earthquake is to socialize. In other words, spending time with family or loved ones can help reduce stress.
  • Do breathing exercises: Worry, anxiety and stress can trigger panic attack symptoms such as shortness of breath, palpitations and numbness. Breathing exercises can help regulate breathing and manage stress.
  • Avoid environments that increase anxiety: People who are psychologically affected by the earthquake may not want to be in closed environments. In terms of mental health, it is important where and under what circumstances people feel good. Until anxiety and stress are under control, it can be good to be with someone else in a closed environment.
  • Do relaxing activities: Sleep problems are common among those affected by earthquakes. During this period, doing relaxing activities such as yoga and plates can help manage stress and relax. However, taking up some hobbies can also help to relax by preventing constant thoughts of the earthquake.

Earthquake Psychology

The Importance of Psychological Support for Earthquake Victims

In the aftermath of devastating social events such as earthquakes, it is recommended that people who have been directly or indirectly affected seek psychological support immediately. According to studies, psychological support to be received in the first days, especially for people directly affected by the earthquake, is important in terms of preventing problems such as post-traumatic stress disorder that may occur afterwards (4). Psychological support is important for people to cope with the problems they face in daily life. Today, it is possible to receive psychological support 24/7 with digital health systems. If you feel psychological effects such as anxiety, fear, fear, anxiety and stress related to the earthquake, do not neglect to seek help from a specialized psychiatrist or psychologist.
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