Private Adatıp Hospital One Dose Collaboration

A digital world in health in cooperation with One Dose Health and Private Adatıp Hospital


Within the scope of our online examination service cooperation with Private Adatıp Hospital doctors; we eliminate time and space factors. We offer the examination experience as an online consultation through our application; we enable it to be performed via smart devices such as mobile phones and computers. We are launching the digital health era at Private Adatıp Hospital with our online examination service where users can see a doctor from anywhere through the application.


At One Dose Health, we support accessibility with our innovative practice in remote healthcare. As in face-to-face examination, we enable users to meet one-on-one with Adatıp Hospital doctors through our application. In this context, our users can share reports, examination and imaging results with Adatıp Hospital doctors before or after the online examination; they can upload their daily health data to our application and receive their prescriptions. With our online examination service in health access, we realize fast, practical and high standards of health care.

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