Altınçatı Elderly Care Center One Dose Collaboration
Altınçatı Elderly Care Center, which has been serving in Ankara for 25 years with the mission of providing the highest quality service to its residents and making them feel at home by prioritizing respect for people and human health, has collaborated with One Dose Health, the new representative of digital health, this time for its pioneering work in its field. One Dose’s “Second Eye Service” adds value with.   With the pilot study between One Dose Health and Altınçatı, a group of Altınçatı Elderly Care Center guests with chronic diseases will be monitored by One Dose Remote Monitoring Center physicians and nurses for 3 months.   One Dose aims to provide healthcare services in line with the health developments of patients by making sense of the trends as a result of the measurements obtained with its integrated devices for the protection of health in old age and a healthy old age. In this context, Altınçatı continuously monitors the vital data of Altınçatı guests 24/7 and provides support to Altınçatı healthcare staff, as well as enabling personalized treatment plans to be made to facilitate special attention to individuals in elderly care.   One Dose Health monitors Altınçatı guests as a “second eye” and aims to keep their current health under control and improve their quality of life, guiding the elderly to age in good health.  
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