TED University One Dose Collaboration

One Dose Health is starting its pilot project with Ted University, which cares about the health of its employees and values working with healthier, motivated individuals.

TED University, the representative of the centuries-old TED tradition in higher education, prioritizes the health of its employees who aim to raise individuals while bringing students who have adopted the principle of lifelong learning into society. It ensures the protection of the health of its employees and the prevention of diseases in cooperation with One Dose Health.

This collaboration enables One dose Health to facilitate employee life with a preventive and protective approach, as well as continuous monitoring of employee data. TED University enables its individuals to access their daily, weekly and monthly data, which are monitored and recorded 24/7 by the One Dose Remote Monitoring Center. The collaboration between One Dose and TED University aims to identify potential health risks in advance, take precautions and adopt a healthier lifestyle by instantly monitoring the health values of employees.

While One Dose is transforming the industry with innovative digital health solutions, TED University has a vision that aims to maximize the health and well-being of its employees.

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