Benefits of Getting Enough Sleep and Ways to Improve Sleep Quality

Benefits of Getting Enough Sleep and Ways to Improve Sleep Quality

Promoting and maintaining health is essential for the continuity of human life. Sleep plays an important role in maintaining a healthy and quality life. Having regular sleep habits is effective in maintaining mental health, physical health and quality of life. Adequate sleep has many benefits, such as maintaining our daily routines, protecting our health, increasing the body’s resistance to diseases and improving the current state of health.

The Importance of Sleep and Its Effects on Our Health

Human beings spend a significant part of their lives asleep. Regular sleep is an important factor in improving human health. Regular sleep is a systematic concept in which falling asleep and waking up from sleep are defined each day. Each period from infancy to adulthood has its own sleep requirements. Babies need regular sleep to ensure adequate growth and development. The development of babies with insufficient sleep is negatively affected. Again, individuals in childhood need to have an adequate and quality sleep pattern in order to have the characteristics required by the period they are in. Adulthood is a period of increased responsibility and workload that requires attention. Having a quality and regular sleep pattern during this period contributes to the continuation of the individual’s routine work without interruption. Sleep is a concept that affects human health and therefore requires attention. Getting enough sleep has many health benefits. Some of these benefits are as follows:
  • It contributes to relieving the fatigue of daily life.
  • It is effective in maintaining a fit and active life.
  • It helps to prevent diseases from occurring.
  • Melatonin, an effective hormone against cancer, is released during sleep.
  • It helps cell regeneration and contributes to improved health.

Benefits of Getting Enough Sleep

Sleep, which is a basic requirement of life, has many effects on health. These benefits contribute to our mental and physical health. Adequate and balanced sleep contributes to prevent obesity by helping weight control. It supports the prevention of diabetes, blood pressure, heart and some mental diseases. It contributes to the development of the body’s defense mechanism by supporting the immune system. It also helps to feel mentally and physically rested against the fatigue of routine life.

The Importance of Improving Sleep Quality

From infancy to adulthood, the sleep needs of each period differ from one another. While an average of seven hours of sleep is recommended for adults, babies spend much more time asleep. The quality of sleep, as well as the time of sleep, is one of the factors affecting human health. We can contribute to the improvement of our health by giving importance to sleep quality as well as adequate sleep. Sleeping at night, not interrupting sleep, sleeping in a dark and quiet environment are among the factors that affect sleep quality. In addition, some of the things we pay attention to in daily life also help to improve sleep quality. These elements can be listed as follows:
  • Trying to go to sleep at the same time every night.
  • Waking up at the same time every day.
  • Not going to bed until sleep comes.
  • Getting out of bed in case of difficulty falling asleep (still awake after about twenty minutes).
  • Choosing a quiet, warm and dark environment for sleep.
  • Making the right bed choice: Not choosing a hard, uncomfortable mattress.
  • Reduce screen time close to bedtime.
  • Preferring light meals for dinner.
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Limiting the amount of caffeine consumed during the day.
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